Our Team


We are a tight-knit team of design, technology and ui/ux professionals passionate about creating accessible website development for everyone.


Dave Kosmayer

Founder and CEO

David created his first company at 22 just coming out of college. Marketing Extensions Inc. an online affiliate and marketing agency was born from the basement of his parent’s home. This company grew under his leadership into a 55-person team, topping $60M in revenue in less than a decade. David is highly focused, dedicated and passionate about building successful companies. In Dave’s spare time he enjoys cooking, hiking long distances and gaming.


Atanas Krangov

Chief Technology Officer

Atanas is responsible for managing Bookmark’s development team. He’s a full stack developer with many contributions to Bookmark too many to count. Prior to Bookmark Atanas lead the team at MD.com - Largest website database for finding a doctor in the United States. Atanas has a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje. When he’s not working Atanas loves to jump on his motorcycle and cruise.


Petar Shokarovski

VP Engineer

Petar is lead engineer and brainchild behind the architecture of Bookmark’s website development software. Prior to Bookmark Petar lead the team creating Tag N Go software, he was system architect and front end developer. Petar loves solving complex problems, he’s passionate about mobile tech, web crawling and self learning categorization algorithms. Also for enjoyment Petar does puzzles, mazes and most of all is exceptional in the kitchen where he loves to cook and has his own cooking blog.


Dimitar Georgievski

Head of Design

Dimi is responsible for all design, UI / UX throughout Bookmark. Dimi loves what he’s doing, he’s passionate about graphic design. Quality, simplicity and beauty is his style. Prior to Bookmark Dimi worked on T -Mobile touch screen applications. In his spare time he enjoys photography and being a Dad.


Nicole Kosmayer

Head of Brand

Tenacious, ambitious and inquisitive, takes a constructive and collaborative stance to enhance business operations, boost brand awareness, optimize customer experience, and increase revenue.


Mike McMillan

Head of Product

Mike is responsible for the marketing side of Bookmark. Prior to Bookmark, Mike gained a passion for sales and online marketing by helping grow a number of early stage Toronto startups into successful businesses. In his spare time, Mike enjoys watching sports, doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and being a new dad with two beautiful twin girls.


Vincent Marino

Director of Sales

As director of sales and business development, Vince has a keen sense in understanding that in order to create a successful partnership both parties need to equally benefit in the business outcomes.