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How To Build A Money Making Website

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The Death of Templates

Say goodbye to template driven websites forever. Bookmark’s AiDA builds you a unique website that is specifically tailored to your business needs. Every website has its own customized set of images, colors, sections, font combinations and layouts. You will also be able to make changes to your website as much or as little as you like. Or if your not fully satisfied, ask AiDA to recreate a brand new website.


AiDA not only builds a fully-functional website, but also walks you through the process of designing, editing, and optimizing your website for maximum SEO and user engagement. All of these services and more are available by simply asking your personal assistant AIDA.


Bookmark’s AI Design Assistant (AiDA) builds these websites by making smart predictions on what sections, elements, images and design style the website should have. These instant decisions are powered by information that is relevant to the business owner’s specific industry.

AiDA gets smarter with every new website. She learns from every interaction and uses this data over time to optimize the website experience. AIDA eliminates up to 90% of the pain points associated with website design and creation.