Why Can’t I see my e-Learning Progress?


This issue could be one of two problems:

  • Your course progress tracker isn’t displaying

  • Your course progress tracker isn’t showing as much progress as you think you’ve made


If your course progress tracker isn’t displaying

Your course tracker can be found in two places: on your Dashboard, and at the top of the e-Learning main page.


e-Learning main page


If you don’t see the course tracker there, make sure you are logged into your Bookmark account: check that your name is in the top right corner of the page. If you see “Login” instead of your name, you’ve become logged out.  Click on Login to log back in and you should then be able to view your course tracker in your Dashboard or on the e-Learning main page..


If your course progress tracker isn’t showing as much progress as you think you’ve made:


The most likely situation is that you haven’t checked the “Completed” check boxes for all the lectures you’ve finished. At the end of each lecture, at the bottom of the page is a check box beside the word Completed. This check box is how the course tracker knows that you’ve completed studying the lecture material.


If you forget to check the “Completed” checkbox at the bottom of each lecture page, the course tracker does not record any progress. For example, if you clicked “Start Course” and then read through the first 3 lectures, clicking only the Next button, and not checking the “Completed” check box, your progress will not be recorded, and in this case, since you have not indicated any lectures as completed, the course tracker will not even recognize that you have started the course.


Tip: When you’re at the end of a section, double-check if you’ve completed all the section lectures, by looking at the section index at the top right of the lecture page. If all the buttons are blue, you have completed all the lectures. (The button for the page you are on appears as a green arrow).



Another way to double-check that lectures have been marked Completed is on the course overview page. Grey buttons beside the lecture title indicate incomplete. Buttons turn blue when the lecture has been marked Completed. If  you’ve missed one, you can click directly through to that lecture from the course overview page by clicking on the lecture title.


For example, in the image below, the lecture “Determine your Market” is not marked “Completed”.


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