Why can’t I progress to the next stage of my course?


Check that you are logged in


First, make sure you are logged into your Bookmark account: check that your name is in the top right corner of the page. If you see “Login” instead of your name, you’ve become logged out.  Click on Login to log back in and continue with your course.


Check that you’ve started the course:


If you are on the course overview page, but can’t click through on any of the Beginner lectures, check that you have started the course. If you can see the “START COURSE” button at the top of the course’s main page, you have not yet started the course and this will prevent you from clicking on the lecture titles to access them. You need to click on the Start Course button to begin. Once you’ve begun a course, and completed at least one lecture by checking the Completed box, the Start Course button will no longer appear on the course overview page.


Before starting the course, the course overview page looks like this:


After starting the course (completed the first lecture) the course overview page now looks like this - no Start Course button:



Remember to check the “Completed” check boxes as you progress:


If you forget to check the “Completed” checkbox at the bottom of each lecture page, the course tracker does not record any progress. For example, if you clicked “Start Course” and then read through the first 3 lectures, clicking only the Next button, and not checking the “Completed” check box, your progress will not be recorded, and the course tracker will not recognize that you have started the course.


When you’ve completed a lecture by reading it and then checking the Completed box at the end of the lecture, the button beside the lecture title in the index will change from grey to blue. If any of the lectures in a section are not indicated as Completed, you will not be able to do the quiz to unlock the next section.


In the image below, the Bookmark user has skipped marking the lecture “Understanding facebook’s lingo” as complete. As a result, the button beside it is still grey, and the quiz is not available. If this scenario has happened to you, don’t worry! You don’t have to re-take the whole section. Just click on the uncompleted lecture title, scroll to the bottom and click the Completed box. Scroll back to the top and click the course title to return to the index and start the quiz!



HINT: When you’re at the end of a section, double-check if you’ve completed all the section lectures, by looking at the section index at the top right of the lecture page. If all the buttons are blue, you have completed all the lectures. (The button for the page you are on appears as a green arrow).



Check if you have completed the quiz


In order to progress from one section to the next in a Full course, you must complete the section quiz with a passing grade.


If the title says “Do Quiz” on the course outline page, you need to take the quiz to proceed to the next section:


If the title says “You scored too low on the quiz, let’s try again” you need to retake the quiz. When you’re ready to retake the quiz, click on that title.



You can retake the quiz as many times as you need to. When you’ve passed the quiz, you will see “Congratulations! You successfully passed the quiz”. You will now be able to click the titles of the next section’s lectures.



Check that all lectures are indicated “Completed” - even if you’ve passed the quiz


In Bookmark e-Learning courses, it’s possible to “uncheck” the Completed checkbox at the bottom of a lecture page. You cannot proceed to the next section of the course, even if you’ve passed the quiz, if a lecture is indicated as incomplete.

You will need to click through to that lecture, scroll to the bottom, and check the Completed box in order to continue to the next section of your course.


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