Where will my question end up after I post it?


When you first ask a question, it will appear under both the “Newest” and “Unanswered” listings on the Ask an Expert home page.


Depending on the tags you chose for your question, it will also appear under one or more of the main categories: Bookmark, Social Media, Web Development, SEO, or Google. Or, if you clicked the checkbox “Is this Bookmark Feedback” when you asked your question, it will appear in the Bookmark Feedback category.

The easiest way for you to view the questions you’ve asked is in your Ask an Expert Profile. To view your Profile page, click the Your Profile button on the right-hand sidebar.

On Your Profile page, the list of questions you’ve asked appears just below your profile picture.

The blue box to the left of each question shows the vote score your question has received from the Ask an Experts community. To view your question details and responses, click on the title of the question. To view your full list of questions, click “View More” at the bottom of the list.





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