Where do I set up my E-Commerce Store?

Setting up your online store with Bookmark is fast and easy. The store creator wizard will walk you through each step. If you haven’t started a website yet, you need to first Choose a Template. Once you’ve done that, open your website in edit mode and follow these steps to start the store wizard:


Step 1: Go to the Settings menu

Open your website in the builder, and click the Settings option on the left:


Step 2: Select E-Commerce

From the Settings options, choose E-Commerce.


Step 3: Click the Create Your Store button

The Settings / E-Commerce page will open. To begin your store setup, click the Create Your Store button.



Tip: After your store is setup, you return to this same place (Settings > E-Commerce) to manage your store.

You can place your store on any page of your website using the E-Commerce module in the Modules menu.




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