What’s the difference between Modules and Focus?


Modules and Focus are the two tools Bookmark provides for adding functional elements to your web pages.


Modules are the smallest type of building block. They do a particular, specific function. For example, an image, a button, a title.


Focus are larger sections made up of several modules put together by Bookmark designers in a style that fits with each template. For example, content layouts, a three-column price table, team member profiles.


Advantages of using Focus:

  • saves you time by providing prepared layouts you can add to your page with one click

  • designs match everything else on your template, giving your pages a consistent look

  • you can customize the Focus, so you still have total design control


Advantages of using Modules:

  • you can make your own page layouts from scratch

  • you can add a specific element to your web page, or to a Focus section

  • easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface


Each Bookmark template provides you with fully designed pages built with a combination of Focus and Modules. To see what Focus sections are already on a page, click the Focus tab while viewing the page in the website builder.


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