What’s the difference between a micro course and a full course?


Bookmark offers two types of e-learning courses: full courses and micro courses. All courses are offered for free to Bookmark members!


A micro course, as its name suggests, is a short, focused course, consisting of 10 lectures and one quiz.


A full course is more in-depth, with 25 sections which progress through Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels, each level with a quiz. In order to proceed through the sections, you must complete all the lectures and pass the previous section’s quiz.


To find out if a course is a micro or full course, open the course overview page by clicking on the course title on the Learning home page.


On the right side of the overview page, look just below the window for the Introduction Video.

If the course is a Micro course, you will see:


Or if it is a full course, you will see:


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