What templates does Bookmark offer?


Bookmark’s philosophy when it comes to templates is to create a smaller number of versatile, feature-packed templates that can be easily customized to virtually any purpose. All of our templates are free to use, and offer our full range of features and functionality.


Each template has been styled using a particular business or personal example, but keep an open mind when you are choosing the template for your website  - the important aspect to notice is the overall style. Pay particular attention to the layout of the main navigation menu, as this element is not customizable.


You can preview all of Bookmark’s templates before deciding. Look around inside the various pages and get a sense of the style, navigation, and features of each template. Our guide, How do I preview a template? walks you through the process.



Bookmark’s templates are:


Elenore Designs

Crisp, clean and timeless, this multi-page portfolio-format template beautifully showcases your projects, trades-work, or professional services.


Nathan Clark

Flawlessly present yourself to the world with this bold and confident multi-page resume template.



Organic is a fresh and polished multi-page template especially favored by fine dining and formal restaurants.


Nicole and Dave

Gorgeous as a bride, this stunning multi-page template shares the beauty and joy of your wedding celebration while arranging the details perfectly.



American Jazz

The bold stylings of this sleek, one-page template flow smoothly through dynamic features designed for musicians.



Amsterdam bottles the spirit of adventure in this inviting, multi-page template designed to elevate your brand to new heights.


Corporate Office

This traditional, classic business template is our most powerful. Boasting the most pages, and a solid set of features, it presents a polished and prestigious image.



Double Exposure

True to its name, this dramatic template doubles the exposure of your portfolio with an eye-catching front-page slideshow and a portfolio gallery page.




Concise, professional, single-page template that brings laser-defined focus to your product or service.


Lily and Clarke

Tell the story of your romance with this whimsical yet practical one-page wedding template.


Premium foods

This multi-page template is loaded with premium options to build the custom sandwich, er, casual restaurant website of your dreams.




Stacyy illuminates and electrifies your performances with sections for tour dates, videos, music, and more.




Showcasing your work couldn’t be simpler or easier with this striking, multi-page template that puts your image gallery front-and-center.



Tranquility’s cool, contemporary design draws viewers into this versatile and modern template packed with features perfect for health, fitness, spa, or other location-based services.


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