What modules can I add to my Bookmark website?


There are eighteen different modules that you can drag and drop into your website on Bookmark.

Before we begin: in addition to modules, Bookmark also features the more robust Focus feature. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we highly recommend it!

Focus provides you with a set of 20 functional web page sections designed in the style of your template that you can add with a single click. Most Focus sections contain several modules already put together in a useful and attractive design, like Contact Us, About us, five styles of content layout, Price table, Testimonials and more. It’s all customizable, so you can tweak it to your liking.


Bookmark’s modules are:


The text module is a text box that you can drag and drop into your website, and then fill with your content.


The Title module is a text box styled for titles that you can use to easily add a title above or below another element on your web page.



Drag the Image module anywhere on your web page where you’d like to add an image, then select the image file from your My Drive storage area or upload it from your computer.



The Gallery module allows you to add an image gallery to your web page. You can choose a standard grid layout or a staggered width layout, enable Pinterest and open images in a lightbox if desired.



The Slideshow module gives you six different layout choices for an image slideshow that you can drag-and-drop onto your web page and easily click-to-add images from My Drive. It also includes options for Autoplay, image titles and image counter.


The Video module allows you to embed a video on your web page, from a URL or from a local drive.


The Audio module allows you to embed an audio file onto your web page, from a URL or from a local drive.


The Button module allows you to drag and drop a button into your webpage, customize it, and then link it to another page or website.



The Map module adds a Google map to your web page, where you can specify a location, name your map, and lock it if you wish.



The Quote module is a quote box that you can drag and drop onto your web page, and fill with a quote that inspires you.



The Breaker module inserts a line between elements on your web page. The thickness of the line is adjustable.



The Spacer module inserts an adjustable blank space between elements on your web page.



The Code module allows you to insert a snippet of HTML code onto your web page.


The Social module allows you to add and configure social media buttons for 12 different social media platforms on any web page.

Contact Form:

The Contact Form module allows your users to send you a message from your website and captures their name and email address.


Subscribe Form:

The Subscribe Form allows your users to subscribe to your service with their email address.


Event Registration:

The Event Registration module signs your users up for events that you are promoting.


Facebook Comment:

The Facebook Comment module enables the Facebook Comment Plugin on your page.


Each of these modules has its own How-to guide in the Modules section of the help guides.

For a general overview on how to use modules when building your Bookmark website, see Modules Overview.




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