What is my reputation, and how do I build it?


Your reputation refers to the score you’ve earned based on the votes you’ve given and received on questions and answers in the Ask an Expert forum. It is an indication of the quality of your contributions to the questions and answers as judged by the community.


Reputation is one factor towards becoming a Top User on the site. To build your reputation, you need to regularly contribute questions and answers in a way that other Bookmark members judge to be accurate and useful.


Reputation points are awarded as follows:

  • a question you asked receives an up-vote: +5 points

  • an answer you’ve given receives an up-vote: +10 points

  • you down-vote an answer: -1 point

  • an answer you’ve given receives a down-vote: -2 points


To view your reputation score, go to Your Profile by clicking on the button on the right side-bar in the Ask an Expert section.


Your reputation score is displayed just under your name, beside your profile picture.



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