What is my Ask an Expert Profile?


Your Profile in the Ask an Expert section is a page which summarizes all your activity in Ask an Expert: your reputation, voting history, questions asked, questions bookmarked, questions you’ve answered, tags you’ve used, and badges you’ve earned.

To get to Your Profile, click on the button in the right sidebar of most Ask an Expert pages:

At the top of your profile page are some useful tabs: you can short-cut to the Top Questions page, the Bookmark Feedback page, the searchable page of tags definitions, the Top Users  page, Badges, and Unanswered Questions page.

Below the top menu, you will see your Profile details on the left (photo, name, reputation score, badges score) and voting history on the right.


Moving down the page, next you will see sections for Questions you’ve asked on the left, and Questions you’ve Bookmarked on the right. The latest five questions are displayed. To see more, click on View More to open a page with all questions for that section. The total number of questions is indicated on the top right corner of each section. The numerical score to the left of the questions you’ve asked shows the vote tally for each question.


Below your Questions and Bookmarks sections are similar sections for questions that you’ve answered (on the left) and Tags you’ve used (on the right).


Finally, at the bottom of your profile page are the Badges that you’ve earned so far in the Ask an Expert section.

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