What is a “Top User” and how do you become one?



A Top User is someone from Bookmark’s Ask an Expert community who is very active - asks and answers many questions - and has built up a highly positive reputation by frequently receiving up-votes from other members on their answers to questions.


You can become a Top User by earning reputation through the quality and quantity of your answers: if you participate frequently and your answers are popular enough and upvoted enough by the community, you will rise through the ranking to become a Bookmark Top User.


To view the Top Users, click on Top Users in the right sidebar of most Ask an Expert pages, in the Activities section:



If you click on Top Users on the main page’s sidebar, under the Activities heading, you will be taken to a list of Bookmark’s Top Users.  Each Top User will have their name, profile picture, reputation number, and their top three most-used tags listed to show their areas of expertise.


To view a Top User’s profile, click on their name. Their profile page will display, showing you their questions asked and answered, voting history, tags used and badges.


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