What if no one answers my question?


If your question fails to get any response, it may not have been specific or fine-tuned enough for the Bookmark community to be sure how to approach it.


Tips for Getting Answers to your Questions:

  1. Be specific. People need to know exactly what you are asking. Check that your question’s title is clearly stated and asked in the form of a specific question.

  2. Include details. If you feel like you need to mention your hardware while talking about a software or web issue, do it; it could be relevant to the error you are asking about.

  3. Attach relevant tags: you can include as many as 5, so use them so the experts related to your problem can have an easier time finding your question

  4. Add images or the code that’s giving you a problem: our message boards allow for those kinds of details to be shared and could help narrow down what you need. You could screen-capture an image of the error, or write out the code as you formatted it in your text editor and show the problem directly.

  5. Search for your question: you might not be getting any responses because it has already been answered on the site. That’s why we provide a search bar right at the top of the Ask a Question page.

If you have followed all of these tips, and still do not receive a response from the Bookmark community, and your question has to do with using Bookmark, check out our other Help Topics, or click the question mark icon in the bottom right corner of Bookmark to ask your question directly to the Bookmark Customer Success Team.





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