What does voting on an answer do? Can I vote more than once?


Voting on answers affects both the answer’s ranking, and the reputation of the person who gave that answer.

When you click the up arrow on an answer, the answer gains an up-vote, its number rises, and it moves up higher on the answer list.  The person who gave that answer gains 10 reputation points for each up-vote their answer receives. Enough up-votes for your answers can make you a Top Expert in your area via your Ask an Expert reputation.  

Clicking the down arrow, on the other hand, down-votes an answer, subtracts from the number, and makes the answer’s popularity fall. Getting a down-vote on your answer causes you to lose 2 reputation points. If an answer receives a high number of down-votes, it may be removed from Ask an Expert.

You may only vote once on any particular answer but you are able to undo your vote by clicking the opposite arrow (example: down-voting to counteract an up-vote).



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