What does the Revert button do?


When you hit the Save button, Bookmark creates and saves a copy, or “instance”, of your site-in-progress.

The Revert button allows you to go back to the most recent saved instance of your website - in other words, what your site looked like the last time you saved it.


The Revert button is found at the bottom of the left sidebar menu in the website builder.


Important: The Revert button undoes all unsaved actions. In other words, Revert takes away all the changes you’ve made to your website in the builder since the last time you clicked the Save button.

Revert is more than an “undo” button, as it will remove multiple actions, if you haven’t saved them.


Here’s an example:

For example, let’s say you started a new editing session on your site, where you were working on your About page. You added the Team Focus to the page, updated the images with photos of your team members, and updated the text about each team member, *all without saving*. Then you clicked on Revert. The builder will remove all the changes you just made to your About page, reverting your site back to the beginning of your editing session.

If you had clicked the Save button during your work session, any changes that you made prior to clicking Save would be protected. Using the same example, if you added the Team Focus, and updated the image files for your team members, then clicked Save, then updated the text boxes describing your team members, then if you clicked Revert, the changes to the text boxes would be lost, but the changes you made to the images would be kept.

Essentially, once you clicked the Save button, you can’t lose or undo any of that saved work except by specifically going in and deleting or editing it.




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