What are the guidelines and categories for asking questions?

In general, you want your questions to be relevant to Bookmark and the experts you have access to here.

Ask an Expert is a great place to get advice on website creation and moderation, running a business online and connecting with a consumer base via the Internet.

Questions about Bookmark itself - how it works, what is supported on this platform, how to do specific things on Bookmark - are also welcome.


The general categories for the “Ask an Expert” forum are:

  • Bookmark Feedback

  • Bookmark

  • Social Media

  • Web Development

  • Google

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Suggestions on how to improve Bookmark or questions about future upgrades and features should be placed in the Bookmark Feedback category by clicking the checkbox “Is this Bookmark Feedback” when you are asking a question.

You may talk about your online business if it is relevant; however, we want the Ask an Expert forum, and Bookmark overall, to be a spam-free, relevant and engaging environment, so please refrain from spamming or disrespectful questions. These types of comments will be downvoted out or removed by our moderators. Other guidelines that will make your question more successful:


Only ask one question at a time.

If you have multiple questions, please ask them separately.


Ask your question in the form of a question!

Your question should not be a topic name, eg. Formatting a TextBox.


Make sure you are asking a question that has a specific factual answer.

Do not ask a question that is essentially an opinion poll, or the voicing of your own opinion.


Avoid making negative judgments.

Ask an Expert is for the sharing of expertise among our members in a positive manner. Be open to the idea that there may be a variety of ways to accomplish a task or solve a difficulty, and that different people may prefer different tools and techniques.





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