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We recommend searching the existing questions first, before asking. If your question has already been asked and answered, it will save you time, and reduce duplicate questions in our forum. Other members may not wish to take the time to answer duplicate questions, which might mean that your question does not garner much response if it’s been asked before.


You can search the existing questions using the Search Bar in the Ask an Experts section. The search bar is found in two places:


On the “Ask a Question” page - type your question or a few key terms in the search bar at the top centre of the page and click “Submit”. (get here by clicking “Ask Question” in the right hand side bar)

On the main “Ask an Expert” page, go to the sidebar on the right hand side of the page and type a few keywords or a question into the “Search Questions” bar.

Using either of these search bars will take you to a Search Results page with a list of questions related to your inquiry. Scan the titles to see if a question has been asked that is similar to yours.  Click the question title to view the question’s details and answers.


In this example, the keyword “Javascript” was used in the Search Bar.



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