Redirecting your domain from WordPress


Before we start: If you don’t yet have a domain for your Bookmark website and you were thinking about registering one from WordPress and then redirecting it to Bookmark, hold on a second! Did you know you can register a new domain directly through Bookmark, and save yourself some hassle? Check out Registering a domain through Bookmark for details.


If you already have a domain registered at WordPress and wish to use it for your website, you can point your domain to by following these steps:



Step 1: Log in to your WordPress account



Open a new browser tab (so you can follow along with this guide), and login to your account at WordPress.





Step 2: Find the Domains area



To find the Domains area, click on My Site, found in the top left corner of WordPress, then look down the page until you see Domains near the bottom. Click Domains.




Step 3: Click My Domains


At the top of the Domains page, click the tab for My Domains:





Step 4: Click the Edit button beside the domain



Click the Edit button beside the domain name that you want to re-direct to Bookmark.



Step 5: Choose Edit DNS Tab



You’re now in the Domain Management window. In the left sidebar menu, select Edit DNS. You should see something like this:


Step 6: Edit the A Records


Here we are at the nitty-gritty.



The first record you see in the list of DNS Records is the A record. We are going to edit the A record. Hover your mouse over to the far right of the A record line, and a pen icon appears. Click this icon to begin editing the A records.





Once you do that, you’ll be able to Add New DNS Record. The form should already have A in the first field, and your domain name in the second field. In the third field, “points to”, type in Bookmark’s IP Address, which is and then click the Add button.






One down, one to go.






Once you click the Add button, you should see the new record listed, plus the edit window ready for you to Add another New DNS Record.


We’ll do the same thing, except this time, prefix your domain name with “www.” as shown below.





Once you’ve added www to your domain name and entered’s IP address,  click the Add button.



Step 7: Save the Changes


Before you click Save Change button, double check that see the two new records that you added, and that you have entered the IP Address correctly. Then click the Save Changes button.





That’s it! It might take WordPress up to 24 hours to make the changes, so please be patient.



Thanks for choosing to build your beautiful website!




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