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Your online journey doesn’t end once you publish your website - it’s really only just begun! At Bookmark, we offer you much more than just a way to build your beautiful website, and we have a little fun along the way!


Bookmark e-Learning courses give you intuitive, useful tools to help you advance your business and your career on the internet. Each course is written by experts in their field and allows you to learn at your own pace.


Business owners -  get introduced to some of the wonderfully useful and intuitive tools available on the internet to help your small or medium sized business succeed, and manage your online presence. Some examples are:

  • Getting to know the Internet

  • Starting your Online Business

  • Introduction to Evernote

  • Getting to Know Google Adwords

  • Paypal Guide

  • Introduction to SEO


Social Media is not just for fun - there are some amazing benefits to be gleaned towards marketing your business, advancing your career, or building your personal brand through courses like:

  • Getting to know Social Media

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Introduction to Twitter

  • Personal Branding

  • Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Youtube Secrets


For tech-savvy members who want to take their knowledge to greater technical heights, we offer topics like:

  • Introduction to web development

  • Basics of mobile web design

  • Web usability

  • Getting to Know Photoshop


Our question and answer community forum called Ask an Expert is designed to give additional support for Bookmark members from within the Bookmark community. Search our tags to find answers to your questions and tips from other members.

Bit of an expert yourself? Help members with questions and build your reputation with points and badges as you rise up the ranking to expert status.  


SEO and Website Analytics

Once your website is live, you’ll want to optimize it for search engines and track how it’s doing. Bookmark makes these tasks easy with SEO tools and Google Analytics. Get all the data points you need to have a full grasp of the visitors to your site in a convenient, clean and easy-to-understand format. Bookmark’s analytics are fully automatic - no coding required.


Collect Badges

We want to make Bookmark fun and rewarding for our members, and one way we do this is with our Badges.


As you participate in the Ask an Expert community and complete e-Learning courses, you’ll earn badges and reputation on Bookmark.

Each Bookmark e-learning course has it’s own badge which you will receive upon completion of the course. Here are some examples of course badges on Bookmark.


Bookmark Supports your Success


Finally, a reminder that our Customer Success Team is here to help you. Pro members will see a question mark icon in the bottom right corner of Bookmark - click it to start a conversation with us at any time. We really do wish you every success.

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