I don’t see a template for my type of business. What do I do now?


First of all, don’t worry! One of the strengths of Bookmark’s templates is how customizable they are, and every template offers the full set of features and functionality, so you really could choose any one of them for almost any purpose.


Bookmark’s philosophy when it comes to templates is to create a smaller number of versatile, feature-packed templates that can be easily customized to virtually any purpose, instead of overwhelming our members with hundreds of templates to wade through.


Keep an open mind - just because a template has been styled for a certain industry - for example a restaurant, doesn’t mean it is only for people who are making restaurant websites. It’s just the example business that our template designers used.


Simply by making a few changes, a template can be adapted to any purpose. A wedding template could be used for a website promoting any type of event, like a charity run, and a template designed for touring musicians could be used by an author promoting their publications.


Choose the template that matches the general style and feel that you want for your website. For example, clean and cool, warm and cozy, bright and energetic, strong and bold, and then adapt it to your purpose simply by adding your own images and content.


See our guides, Choosing your Template and Customizing your Template for further assistance.



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