How to Vote on a Question or Answer


Voting on an answer or a question is as easy as it is important: you are helping the asker and others who may have the same question by dictating what rises to the top or what sinks into obscurity.


Step 1: Open the Question’s page

To vote on a question or answer, click the question’s title to open the question page.



Step 2: Vote!

The number to the left of a question or answer indicates its vote score.


To vote up: click the green arrow

To vote down: click the red arrow



Clicking on the up arrow under the number makes that vote score go up and brings up the post’s popularity and validity, whereas clicking the down arrow makes the vote score go down, even into the negatives, and indicates that you do not like the question or answer. Upvoting an answer will put it higher on the answers list, but if a question or answer ends up at a -5 from downvotes, it could be removed entirely.


Step 3: Changing your Vote

If you’ve already voted on a question or answer, you can change your vote, but you cannot vote twice in the same direction. For example, if you gave an answer an upvote, you can’t give it another upvote. However, you can change your vote to remove your up-vote, by giving it a down-vote.

You may not vote on your own questions or answers.

Step 4: Viewing your Votes

You can see a summary of your voting activity by going to Your Profile in the Ask an Expert section. To open your profile, click the Your Profile button in the right sidebar of Ask an Expert pages.


Your voting summary is shown in the top right section of your profile page:

You can also see the vote scores for the questions you’ve asked by viewing them in Your Profile in the Ask an Expert section. The vote scores are indicated in the blue boxes to the left of each question title.

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