How to Take a Bookmark e-Learning Quiz


Step 1: Complete the Lectures

In order to take a Bookmark e-Learning course quiz, you must first complete the lectures for that section. Once the lectures are complete, the quiz will become unlocked.

Lectures Incomplete - grey clipboard indicates quiz is not ready.


Lectures complete - blue clipboard indicates quiz is ready


Step 2: Click the Do Quiz link

You can take the quiz by clicking on the Do Quiz title or clipboard on the course overview page (see above image for Step 1) or by clicking the Do Quiz button that appears at the end of the lectures


Step 3: Taking the quiz

Before starting the quiz: make sure you have enough time to complete the entire quiz. Bookmark e-learning quizzes are multiple-choice quizzes between 10 and 25 questions in length.

When you click the Do Quiz button or link, the quiz page will open. The quiz page consists of a list of multiple-choice questions with circular option buttons next to the answers, and a Submit button at the bottom of the page.  

Click on the button to the left of the answer you think is correct. Once clicked, the button will contain a dot, indicating your selection. Read the questions carefully - some questions ask you to select only one option, while others allow you to select multiple answers.  Questions that allow multiple answers will have square check boxes beside the answers, instead of round ones.



You can change your answer as many times as you like by clicking on different options. All changes have to be made before clicking the Submit button at the end of the quiz.

Here’s an example of the first four questions of a quiz. The first two questions have been answered, the second two have not.


Step 4: Submitting your Answers

Once you have selected all of your answers by clicking the dots beside the answers you think are correct, click the Submit button at the end of the quiz.


You will briefly see a screen that says:

We are marking your quiz. Hang on while we check your answers.

Once your answers are processed you will receive your score immediately on the course overview page.


Step 5: Checking your score.

Your quiz is marked immediately and you will see your results on the course overview page. Your score is displayed in the quiz box with the clipboard on the right side of the page.



If you have received a passing score (60% or higher), you will see the title “Congratulations! You successfully passed the quiz with a score of [  ]!” 



If you scored lower than 60% you will see, “You scored too low on the quiz, let’s try again” and the clipboard in the quiz box will be red.



Step 6: Re-taking a quiz

If you score too low on a quiz, don’t worry. You can re-take the quiz as many times as you need to. We’d recommend reviewing the lectures first, and maybe taking some notes to help you remember the important concepts.  See our guide: How to Take Notes for your Bookmark e-Learning Course for tips on taking course notes.

When you’re ready to try the quiz again, go to the course overview page, and click on the title “You scored too low on the quiz, let’s try again” or on the quiz clipboard in the box on the right.


Good luck!






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