How to Finish a Bookmark e-Learning Course


To finish a Bookmark e-Learning course, you must complete all the lectures and pass all the quizzes.

To complete a Micro Course:

Read all the lectures, and remember to click the “Completed” box at the bottom of each lecture as you go.


Complete the course Quiz with a score of at least 60%

Congratulations, you have earned your course badge! Your badge will appear beside the course progress bar on the course overview page, and will be added to your Badges area on your Dashboard.


To complete a Full Course:

Complete all three sections: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert by reading the lectures and completing the quiz at the end of each section with a score of at least 60% for each.

Just because you’ve finished a course, doesn’t mean you leave it behind. You can come back to any completed course in Bookmark e-learning at any time to review any part of the course material, or any notes you’ve taken. You can click through to each lecture from the course overview page.

For example: if you have completed the Twitter for Business course, but want to review the lecture on Twitter Design, simply go to e-Learning, click on the Twitter for Business course, and then click on the lecture title.

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