How to add email to your website


An email address that matches your website’s domain name creates a highly professional image for your business or personal page. For example, if your website domain is, you can obtain email addresses like or Bookmark makes this easy with our email service.

Adding email to your website is a Pro or Business membership feature that requires a custom domain name.


Tip: If you choose the Business Annual Plan, you’ll save 20% per year, plus get 3 free email addresses for one year.


If you’re currently on a Free plan, you will be asked to upgrade during this process. You can also register a custom domain name during the setup if you don’t have one yet. If you’re using your own domain name that you purchased elsewhere, you will need to make a few changes with your domain’s registrar. Our guide, Connecting email to your domain walks you through this process.

OK, let’s add email to your website. This guide assumes that you are upgraded and have a custom domain name already.


Step 1: Go to the Settings tab

Open your website in the builder, and click the Settings option in the left sidebar menu:


Step 2: Select Email

From the Settings options, choose Email:


Step 3: Click the Get it Now button

The Settings / Email page will open. Here you’ll find some information about the Email features. To continue with the setup, click the Get it Now button.


Step 4: Choose your Email Address and Passcode

A pop-up window will open with a form to create your email address. Your custom domain will already be displayed. For this guide, we have the domain name An example of an email address could be To create this email address, we would type sales into the box.

Create a password for your email address. You will use this password when logging in to your email account to send and receive emails. We recommend creating a secure password that is at least 6 characters in length and contains both letters and numbers.

When you have created your email address and password, click Continue.


Step 5: Complete the Payment Form

A new pop-up window will open with a form to complete the payment. If you want to use the credit card you have on file, you can simply click the Buy Now button to continue. To change your credit card, click the button beside “New”.


Step 6: Configure your Domain Settings

If you’re using a domain that you purchased elsewhere, you will need to make some changes to your domain settings. Our guide, Connecting email to your domain walks you through this process.

If you purchased your domain from Bookmark, we do this setup for you.


Step 7: Login to your Email

To login to your email account, repeat Steps 1 and 2 (Choose Settings / Email). At the top right corner of the Email page, you will see the button, Email Login.





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