How do I view my current courses and progress?


This guide has three sections:

  • Viewing courses in progress

  • I started a course but I don’t see it on the tracker

  • Viewing completed courses or sections


Viewing courses in progress


Your course progress is summarized in the course progress tracker on your Dashboard and on the main page of the e-Learning section.


Dashboard view:



e-Learning main page view:



Let’s take a closer look:


In this example, the Bookmark user has three courses in progress:

  • Getting to know the internet,

  • Getting to know Social Media,

  • Facebook Marketing.


We can see the percentage complete for each course, and a Resume button. Clicking the Resume button opens the course overview page. From the course overview page, you can resume your course by clicking the next lecture title in sequence from where you left off (first lecture with grey button beside it).


You can also view your progress on the course overview page for a particular course. For example, using the same member as above, the Facebook Marketing course overview page looks like this:



I started a course, but I don’t see it on the tracker:

You must complete at least one lecture by checking the Completed check box at the bottom of the lecture in order for the course to appear on your tracker. If you start a course by clicking the Start Course button, but then do not complete any lectures, that course will not appear on your tracker, since you have not made any measurable progress.


How do I view my Completed courses?

You can also view your completed courses and course sections using the course tracker. Beside the title “e-Learning’ on the left is a drop-down menu arrow.



Hovering your mouse over this arrow reveals the choices of “in progress” or “completed”.




Select “completed” to change the tracker view to show your completed courses.



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