How do I undo a change I’ve made to a module on my page?



Bookmark does not auto-save your work, so no changes take effect until you click the Save button at the bottom center of the left sidebar tab.

There are a few different ways to remove work that you’ve done on your Bookmark web page:


The Revert Button

Clicking the Revert button takes you back to where you were the last time you clicked the Save button. In other words, it Reverts you to the most recent Saved instance of your site. How much that changes your web page depends on how much work you’ve done on it since you last clicked Save.


Leaving the Page

Leaving the page without saving your changes will wipe out everything you’ve done since either your last Save (if you’ve Saved since starting work on the page) or since you started work on the page (if you haven’t Saved at any point during your work session on that page).


Deleting the Module

You can remove an entire module by dragging it to the trash can. When you hover over a module, you’ll see a thick black grab-bar appear in the top center of the module. Click and drag that grab bar until you are hovering over the trash can that appears in the bottom right corner of the builder window. When you see the trash can “fill” with crumpled paper, release the mouse button to drop the module into the trash can.

It’s time to let it go when the trash can looks like this:

Using the Format Bar Options

If the change you’ve made to the module was done using an option on the module’s format bar, simply select again, choosing the option that you had previously. Some modules (Text, Title) have an undo button in the format bar which will undo the previous change you made to the text in the box.





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