How do I set up or change my favicon?


Your favicon (favourite icon) is a tiny (16 pixels by 16 pixels) version of your company’s logo or other icon that you want use to identify your website in a visitor’s browser tab and when they bookmark or favourite your site. Adding a favicon is a Pro membership feature.


Here are the steps to follow to set up or change your website’s favicon:


Step 1: Open your website in the builder by clicking Edit from the Your Website tab.


Step 2: Choose the Settings Tab in the left sidebar menu


Step 3: Choose the General Settings options


Step 4: Click the Choose File button to upload your favicon file

Favicon is the third item in the General Settings page. Click the Choose File button to select your favicon’s file from your computer. Remember, the size of the favicon must be 16 X 16 pixels.



Your favicon file’s name will appear in the text box once it has uploaded to Bookmark.


Step 5: Save Settings

Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page to complete the process.



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