How do I replace a template image with a different image?


Bookmark’s templates provide you with sample images. You’ll need to replace these with your own images. Remember to make sure you have rights to the images you use on your website.


Tip: upload your replacement images into a folder on My Drive before beginning this procedure. See our guide: How do I add a File to My Drive? for instructions.


There are two types of template images: Background images and images that are part of the page content.


Background Images:

For changing a background image, please see this guide:

How do I change the background image?


Content Images:

Images that are part of the content on a page can be changed using the editor functions for the image.


Let’s walk through the steps to change one of the sample images provided on the Team page in the Elenore Designs template:



Step 1: Click on the Image to open the tool bar


Clicking anywhere on the image will open the image’s toolbar just below the image.


Step 2: Click on MY DRIVE in the toolbar


There are a number of tools there in the toolbar. We’re interested in replacing the image so we want to open the image storage folder to select one. Click on MY DRIVE.



Step 3: Select the image from My Drive


Find the image that you want in My Drive, and double-click it to select it. (If you haven’t uploaded the image yet, you can do this now by clicking New>File.)


Just for fun, I’ve uploaded an image of my dog, wearing his fleece coat, which I will select by double-clicking:



Step 4: Save the changes


My dog is now an important member of the team!  Don’t forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the left sidebar before leaving this page of your website in the website builder.



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