How do I remove a module from my page?


You can remove any element or module from your page by dragging it to the trash can.


Let’s go step-by-step through an example.


At the bottom of the Menu page in the Organic template, there is a Subscription module. We’re going to remove it from the page.



Step 1: Grab onto the module.

When you hover over elements on the webpage, you will see their outlines appear, as well as a grab bar in the center of the top edge. If you point, click, and hold on this grab bar, you can pick up and drag the module.



You will also notice that as soon as you click-and-hold on a grab bar, the trash can appears in the bottom right corner of the web page.


Step 2: Drag it into the Trash Can

Now that you have grabbed the offending object and the trash can has appeared, simply drag it with your mouse over to the trash can. When you see crumpled paper appear inside the trash can, release it.


It’s time to let it go.


That’s it! The Subscription module is gone from the page, as shown below.




Reminder: when you’re finished working on your page, don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the sidebar before leaving the page.


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