How do I preview how my site will look on various devices?

Bookmark is the only website builder that lets you see how your entire website will look as viewed from every kind of device - before you publish it!


To preview your site, open your website in the builder, and then click the Preview tab on the left sidebar:


Choose the Device to preview:

At the top left of the preview page, you will see icons for Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile. The icon for the device you are viewing is lit up to indicate that is the current viewing mode.


To change the view to another type of device, click the icon for the desired device.


In Tablet and Mobile preview mode, you can also choose the operating system. You can preview your website on iOS, Android, or Windows by clicking the icons circled below.



In the center of the top menu bar while previewing Tablets or Mobile devices, you’ll also see a rotate icon:  


Clicking the rotate icon will change the view on the tablet or mobile device from portrait to landscape, so you can see how your website will look if the viewer is holding their device in either manner.


For example:

Mobile Preview in Landscape orientation:



Here’s what it looks like rotated to portrait orientation:





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