How do I preview a template?


It’s a great idea to preview a few templates before deciding on one. Here’s how:

Choose the tab called “Your Website”, and click the button to “Create New Website”. Don’t worry - you don’t have to actually go through with creating a new website - it’s just the easiest way to access the templates for preview.


On the next page, you’ll see a grid of Bookmark’s templates. Select the template that you’re interested in previewing by double-clicking it.

This will open the template description page. To preview the template, click Live Preview, as shown below for the Organic template.



The Preview mode of the template will open. While in preview mode, you can check out all the different pages in the template by clicking the navigation menu options.

If you want to preview several different templates, just navigate back to the template description page, and scroll down - Bookmark’s other templates are listed below.


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