How do I make a new folder in My Drive?



Step 1: Open My Drive

In the website builder, open My Drive by clicking it in the left sidebar.



Step 2: Exit the Images folder

You will notice that when you open My Drive, it defaults to the Images folder that contains your template’s pre-populated images. To make a new folder, you want to exit that folder, and return to your root drive. You do this by clicking the “Back” tab at the top left of the Images folder.



Step 3: Click “New” button

Click the button “New” in the left sidebar of My Drive.


When you click the New button, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Folder” from the drop-down menu:




Step 4: Name your new folder

A pop-up box will appear, asking you to name your new folder. Type your folder’s name into the text box, and click OK.



For this example, we typed in the new folder name, “Design Projects” and then clicked OK.



Step 5: Your folder is created

Your new folder name now appears in the left side bar, and the folder appears in the All my files window.

To open your new folder so that you can start adding files to it, just click it in the left menu, or double-click the folder in the All my files window.



Step 6: Renaming and Deleting your Folder

To rename your folder, exit the folder so that you are in the root drive (All my Files). You will see your folder in the main window.


Under the folder symbol you will see your folder’s name, and some icons.


To Rename your folder: Click the pen icon.

To delete your folder: click the trash can icon.




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