How do I edit a module I've added to my page?


Before we Begin: This is a general quick-answer guide. If you want a more in-depth answer, we have prepared individual guides for each module, called “How to add a [module name].” These How-to guides also cover the editing options for each module.

To edit a module on your web page, hover over the module and then click it.

The formatting toolbar will appear just above or just below the module.

If it is a text-based module, such as Text, Title, Quote, Code or a Form submission module, your cursor will be placed inside the module where you can type or paste your content.

If it is an image-based module, such as Image, Gallery or Slideshow, click on My Drive in the format toolbar to select your image or images from your storage.

If it is a linked-content module, such as Button, Video, Audio, Map or Social, a good place to start editing is to click on the Edit Settings icon in the format bar.

The Spacer module does not have editing options. Its size can be adjusted by dragging the lower edge of it up or down.  





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