How do I duplicate a page in my website?


Bookmark allows you to duplicate an existing page, move it to where you want it in the navigation by drag-and-drop, and then customize it.


Step 1: Open the Pages tab

In the left sidebar of the website builder click the Pages tab to open it.

Step 2: Select the page you wish to duplicate.

The next step is to select the page you want to make a copy of. For this example, we’ll duplicate the Projects page to make a Proposals page.


Go to the page that you want to copy, by clicking it in the left sidebar of the Pages tab. You will see the page displayed in the builder window, and in the left sidebar menu the page name will be highlighted, and show the edit & delete icons.


Step 3: Click the +Duplicate Page button.

Click the +Duplicate Page button. It’s located just under the +Add Page button at the bottom of the left sidebar in the Pages tab:



Step 4: Fill in the Page details and click Save Settings

Clicking the Duplicate Page button opens the Duplicate Page settings window:



The builder creates a dummy page name and link, but you should change it to what you want your page name to be. Remember, the Page Name is what is going to display on your website in the navigation menu. In our example, as you may remember, we are making a duplicate page for Proposals, so we’ll change the Name and Link to reflect that.


When you’re finished updating your page name and link, click Save Settings.


Step 5: Customize your Duplicate Page

Your duplicate page has been created and added to your site. Now it’s up to you to move it to where you want it in your navigation, and customize the content or design in whatever way  you wish.




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