How do I delete a page in my website?



Step 1: Open the Pages tab

In the left sidebar of the website builder click the Pages tab to open it.


Step 2: Select the page to delete

In the Pages tab, you will see the current navigation tree for your website in the left sidebar. Select the page you want to delete by clicking its title. In this example, we are going to delete the page “Proposals”.



Step 3: Click the X icon for the page

When you have selected a page, the edit and delete icons appear to the right hand of the page name. To delete a page, click on the X icon.



Step 4: Confirm Deletion

A confirmation box will appear in the top center of the page in the website builder window.




To confirm that you want to delete the page, click OK. (To cancel, and keep the page, click Cancel.)



Your website will refresh in the builder, and the deleted page will no longer exist.





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