How do I change the font size or style for my navigation menu?


You can select a different font and change the font size for the page names in your website’s navigation menu in Settings > Design. Here are the steps:


Step 1: Open your website in the Your Website tab on Bookmark.


Step 2: Select Settings from the left menu


Step 3: In Settings menu, select Design


The Design options will now open in the left sidebar area. Notice that you need to scroll down to see all the settings, as well as the very important SAVE button.

This is where you can change the font and font size of your navigation menu. Click the drop-down arrow to view the font options. Click a font to select it. To change the font size, click on the size you want under Menu font size.


Here is our example of Elenore Design with Menu font changed to Roboto, size 22 point:


Tip: Use the Default option to return to the original settings.

As you can see above, the new settings you choose will be immediately previewed on your site in the builder window. To save your design settings, you need to scroll down inside the Design Settings area and click the Save button.





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