How do I change the background image?


You can easily change the background images provided with the templates.

Tip: upload your replacement image into a folder on My Drive before beginning this procedure. See our guide: How do I add a File to My Drive? for instructions.


Step 1: Click the Background button

When you hover your mouse over the background image, a small button called Background will appear in the top left corner of the image. Click that button to open the image editor in the left sidebar area.


Step 2: Select Image or Color Tab

The background image editor will open in the left sidebar area. You have two choices: Image or Color. The editor defaults to the Image tab.

Let’s take a look at the Image Tab:


  1. My Drive - Click this button to open My Drive and select a replacement image from your files. (we’ll do this in Step 3, below)

  2. Adjust Brightness - move the slider to the right to brighten your image, or to the left to darken it.

  3. Image Orientation - your image can be in Cover mode, Repeating mode, or Centered.

  4. Positioning Grid - click a square in the grid to position your image


Remove Background

If you want to remove the background, without replacing it with anything else, click the red button “Remove Background”. The background will be solid white. This feature is useful if you want to arrange some elements on the page without being distracted by a background image, and then add the background later.


We’ve looked at the Image tab. Now let’s see how to change the background to a solid color.


Color Tab:

If you want the background to be a solid color instead of an image, choose the color tab. Click any color in the palette. Remember to click the Save button to save your changes.



Step 3: Open My Drive and select a replacement image

Let’s say we want to replace the background image with a different image from storage.

In the Image Tab, click on the My Drive button.



My Drive will open over top of the website builder. Find the image that you want to use, and double-click it to select it.

Step 4: Make any adjustments

Now you can use the features in the Image tab to adjust the brightness or positioning of your new background image, if desired.


Step 5: Save it!

Remember to click the Save button. You might need to scroll down in the Background images sidebar to see the Save button.


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