How do I add Focus to my Bookmark site?


Before we begin: Below you’ll find the Quick Answer to this question. For a more detailed step-by-step guide, please use Adding Focus to your Bookmark Website.


Focus sections can be added to individual pages of your Bookmark site in the Focus tab found in the left sidebar menu of that page.

Inside the Focus tab, any Focus sections already on the page will be listed in a tree diagram, and below that is a button to ADD FOCUS.



Clicking the ADD FOCUS button opens the ADD NEW FOCUS window. Here you can scroll through the 20 Focus sections designed in the theme of your template.


To add a Focus to your webpage, single-click on its thumbnail in the ADD NEW FOCUS window.



The newly added Focus section will appear below the Focus sections already on the page.



Tip: If you want to move this Focus up higher in the order of elements on the page, just click and drag its title (as circled above) to the new position.


You can repeat this process to add as many Focus sections as you wish to your page. To add Focus to a different page of your site, navigate to that other page in the builder, then repeat the process.



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