How do I add a module to my page?



Before we begin: This is the Quick Answer to this question. For more detailed step-by-step guides to add and format each and every Bookmark module, see our How-to guides in the Modules Help Guides section.


Modules work by drag-and-drop. To add a module to your webpage, click on its icon in the Modules tab of the left side-bar menu, drag it over to where you want it to be located on your page, and then drop it.


Step 1: Click on the module icon:

In this example, the Title module.


Step 2: Drag it onto your web page:
Below is a screen capture of the title module before it was dropped, hovering over the page. The black line indicates the border between the two image modules. If the Title module is dropped now, it will insert between the two images.


Step 3: Drop it:

The title module has been inserted between the two images on the page. Now you can edit it with your own content, or move it by clicking and dragging the grab bar.


Reminder: when you’re finished working on your page, don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the sidebar before leaving the page.





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