How can I change my site address (domain)?

Perhaps you started with a Bookmark subdomain, and now you wish to upgrade to Bookmark Pro and register your own domain or connect a domain you purchased elsewhere. Or maybe you just want a different subdomain name.


Whatever the reason, here are the steps to follow to change your site’s address:


Step 1: Open your website in the builder by clicking Edit from the Your Website tab.

Step 2: Choose the Settings Tab in the left sidebar menu


Step 3: Choose the Domain Settings option

Step 4: Click the button to Change Address

The Domains Settings page will display your website’s current domain. In our example, we are using the subdomain Click the Change button beside your domain.

If you have pointed one or more domains that you purchased elsewhere to Bookmark, but have not linked them to your website yet, they will be listed under Unlinked Domains.


Step 5: Enter your new domain information

Here is where you make the change to your site’s address. Tick the button for the option you wish to use and fill in the new domain information. We recommend double-checking your typing so that you avoid unfortunate errors.

If you are connecting a domain you already own, you will also need to make changes with your domain’s registrar. See our guide Connecting a domain purchased elsewhere for important details.


Remember, if you are changing from a subdomain of Bookmark to a new domain or a domain you already own, and you are currently on a free membership, we will be asking you to upgrade to a Pro membership as part of this process.



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