Editing with Modules


Every element on your web page is a module (except the navigation menus and backgrounds). Bookmark’s template pages are already fully designed with attractive layouts of useful elements made of modules that you can quickly customize.


These layouts are unlocked and fully customizable. You can add to, move, or delete everything that’s on the template’s pages. Everything is drag-and-drop.

Using Modules is an easy way to add simple elements like a text box, title, image, video, button, and much more to your site.

The Modules tab is located in the left sidebar of the website builder.

To add a module, click the module’s icon in the left sidebar, drag it onto the webpage and drop it where you want it.


To move a module once it’s on your page, hover over it and you’ll see a thick black grab-bar appear in the center top of the module. Click and hold on that grab bar. Now you can drag it around.


To delete a module, grab it as above, and drag it into the trash bin that appears at the bottom right of the page.


When you see the trash can fill with crumpled paper, drop the module.

The Spacer and Breaker modules are really useful for adding visual breaks to your page, and positioning your content blocks.

Tip: Before you start building areas on your web page with Modules, take a look at Focus - the work might already be done for you!  


Each module also has formatting options, like size, alignment, padding, borders, text formatting options, and so on. To open the formatting options bar for any module on your page, just click on the module, and the options bar will appear above or below the module:


Bookmark’s modules are:

Text, Title, Image, Gallery, Slideshow, Video, Audio, Button, Map, Quote, Breaker, Spacer, Code, Social, Contact Form, Subscribe Form, Event Registration, and Facebook Comments.

We’ve prepared individual step-by-step help guides for how to add and format each of the 18 modules on Bookmark. You can find them in the Modules section of Bookmark’s Help Guides.




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