Customizing your template


Customizing your template is, more or less, the process of creating your unique, beautiful website on Bookmark! In this guide, we will look at the main areas that you can edit, and point you to Bookmark’s tools and special features:

  • Navigation and pages

  • Focus

  • My Drive, Backgrounds and images

  • Editing with Modules


Before you begin: If you haven’t chosen a template yet, we strongly recommend working through the steps outlined in our guide, Choosing your Template, since switching templates later will require you to duplicate your work, and no one wants that!


Navigation and Pages


Single-page vs. Multi-page:

If you’ve chosen a single-page template, this section does not apply to you. If you’re using a multi-page template, you can add, delete and rearrange pages, but a single page template is just that - one single page with no navigation. You can’t add pages to a single page template.


Tip: if you were thinking of starting out with a single-page template, and then adding pages later, this won’t work. A good solution is to go with a multi-page template, and delete the extra pages. You can then add pages later when you are ready to expand your site.


Your template’s navigation menu:

Your template comes with a built-in main navigation menu that appears on all of your pages in a fixed location. The position of this navigation menu is one of the few things that is not customizable.  


For example, the Elenore Designs navigation menu is positioned across the top of the page.


Customizing your navigation menu:

You will, of course, wish to change the brand name or logo that is on your template. You can also change the background of the navigation area, and the font size and style of the page names in your menu.


See our guides Backgrounds and Brand and Guide to the Design Settings for step-by-step instructions on customizing your navigation menu.


Customizing your website’s pages:

Bookmark’s templates provide you with the typical pages most websites use, such as Home, About, Contact Us, Bio, Projects, and so on, depending on the template you’ve chosen.


However, we know that to truly make your website as unique as you are, you might wish to build on our templates to reflect your own vision. All of our multi-page templates allow you to add extra pages to your site, duplicate pages, delete pages, create drop-down menus, rename pages and move pages within your site using a simple drag-and-drop interface in the Pages tab of the website builder:


See our guide: Adding, Moving, Duplicating and Deleting Pages in the Pages, Preview and Publishing guides section for step-by-step instructions on customizing your pages.

Next, we’ll take a look at Bookmark’s Focus feature.





What is Focus?

Focus is a set of beautifully designed and fully functional web page sections that you can add anywhere in your website with a single click. There are 20 Focus sections, which are individually custom-designed to match the theme of each template.


Some examples are:

  • Call to Action

  • Five different Content section designs

  • Price table

  • Testimonials

  • Event Registration

  • Quote

  • Social Media buttons

  • Video

The amazing thing about Focus is that you aren’t locked into the design - every Focus can be easily customized to reflect your unique vision for your website.

How to Add Focus

To add Focus sections to your webpage, open the Focus tab in the left sidebar menu, and then click on the Add Focus button. Doing this will open a vertical list of the Focus sections. Scroll up and down to see thumbnails of the Focus sections.


To add a Focus section to your page, just click once on the thumbnail. The Focus title will appear in the left sidebar, and the Focus section will be added to your web page.

You can drag and drop the Focus titles in the left sidebar area to change their order on your webpage.

See our guides, Adding Focus to your Bookmark Website and Arranging Focus on your web page for walk-throughs of these procedures.


Customizing Focus

Once you’ve added a Focus section to your web page, you can click on each of its elements to edit, add your own content, move, or delete them.

Our guide Customizing the Content of your Focus provides more detail on this process.



My Drive, Backgrounds and Images

Websites are a highly visual medium, so images, and backgrounds will be very important elements of your website.


My Drive

My Drive is your storage area for all of your image, video, audio, and other files you’ll be using in your website. We recommend uploading all your files to My Drive before you start working on a page in your website. My Drive also has a professional-grade image editor, so you can do any tweaking to your images in My Drive before adding them to your website.


Access My Drive from the left sidebar menu of the website builder.


Background Images:

You can change the background images of template pages and Focus sections by clicking on the Background button that appears in the top left corner of the image.  The background image editor will open in the left sidebar area. You have two choices: Image or Color. The editor defaults to the Image tab.

See How do I change the background image? for a step-by-step guide.


Other images

Bookmark’s website builder gives you lots of tools for adding and showcasing images. Related guides are shown in brackets.


You can:

  • replace a template image with an image you provide (How do I replace a template image with a different image?)

  • replace images in Focus sections (Customizing the Content of your Focus)

  • add a single image to your page using the Image module (How to add an image module)

  • add an image gallery using the Gallery module (How to add a gallery)

  • add a slideshow using the Slideshow module (How to add a slideshow)

  • add a gallery using the Photo Focus (Adding Focus to your Bookmark Website)


Editing with Modules


While Focus gives you the ability to add whole sections of elements already designed and built for you in attractive layouts, Modules gives you the ability to add each individual element separately for building your own layouts.

The 18 modules, found in the Modules tab in the left sidebar, are:

Text, Title, Image, Gallery, Slideshow, Video, Audio, Button, Map, Quote, Breaker, Spacer, Code, Social, Contact Form, Subscribe Form, Event Registration, and Facebook Comments.


How to add modules

Modules are added by drag-and-drop. Click on the module icon in the left sidebar of the Modules tab, drag the icon onto your webpage, and drop it where you want it.

Once it’s on your page, each module has a grab-bar at the top center that appears when you hover over it. Click and drag the grab-bar to move the module. Drag it to the trashcan to delete it.


Customizing modules

Each module also has formatting options, like size, alignment, padding, borders, text formatting options, and so on. To open the formatting options bar for any module on your page, just click on the module, and the options bar will appear:

We’ve prepared individual step-by-step help guides for how to add and format each of the 18 modules on Bookmark. Look in the Modules section of the Help Guides.




You now have the tools to get in there and customize your chosen template and create your unique masterpiece! Please refer to the other Help Guides listed above for more in-depth help with customizing your template.

As always, you can start a conversation with a Customer Success Team member at Bookmark and we’ll help you personally. Click the question mark icon at the bottom left corner of Bookmark.


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