Choosing your template


Choosing your template is probably the most important thing you’ll do on Bookmark. Your template is the foundation to everything you build on your website.

You’ll want to choose wisely so that the template you select does the most for you. Keep in mind that you can’t switch templates once you start editing. But don’t worry - each and every one of Bookmark’s templates is customizable and offers the full set of features and functionality, so you really could choose any one of them for almost any purpose.

Bookmark doesn’t overwhelm you with hundreds of fixed-design templates that don’t offer much flexibility. Instead we made a smaller number of highly developed, feature-rich templates that you can easily adapt to your unique vision.


So… what is your vision?


Before diving into the templates themselves, take a few minutes to think about your goals and vision for your website. If you haven’t already done so, make some notes as you answer these questions:

  • What is the main goal or purpose for your website?

  • What are the secondary goals or purposes?

  • Who is the target audience for your website?

  • What preferences does that target audience have when it comes to website design and features? What would attract your desired audience?

  • What’s your style or the brand character of your company? Is it warm and friendly, crisp and clean, traditional, professional or fun and casual?


Single Page or Multi-Page?


All of Bookmark’s templates are free, and all offer you the same features, like Focus, Modules and Analytics, but there is one key difference: Single Page vs. Multi-page.

You can add, delete and rearrange pages to your heart’s content in our multi-page templates, but a single page template is just that - one single page with no navigation. You can’t add pages to a single page template.

So, if you were considering starting out with a single-page template, and then adding pages later, this won’t work. You need to go with a multi-page template from Day One. A good solution is to delete the template’s extra pages that you don’t need to begin with. The underlying structure is there waiting for you if you want to add pages at a future date.


Navigation menu

Each template comes with a built-in main navigation menu that appears on all of the website’s pages in a fixed location. The position of this navigation menu (across the top or down the left side) is one of the few things that is not customizable (pages, page order, and page titles can all be changed).  

When you are previewing the templates, be sure to check the appearance of the navigation menu to make sure you choose one that you like, and that fits the desired style for your website.


Previewing the Templates

You can preview all pages of Bookmark’s templates before deciding. This gives you a sense of the style, navigation, and features of each template.


Keep an open mind - just because a template has been styled for a certain industry - for example a restaurant, doesn’t mean it is only for people who are making restaurant websites.

Simply by changing the background images, a template can be adapted to any purpose.


To preview the templates, click the     button in the      tab of your Bookmark account, or if you haven’t signed up yet, you can preview the sites in the tour.



When you select any template’s thumbnail you’ll see a page like this:

To look around inside the template, click on       beside the template name. Do this for as many templates as you wish until you find the right one for you.


Selecting the template

When you’ve made your choice, click the Use this Template button for the template you want.


After giving your website a domain name, your website will open in Bookmark’s website builder.


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