Can I save and catalogue favourite questions?


Yes! Of course you can bookmark questions.


Common reasons for bookmarking questions are:

  • the answers to the question are helpful or interesting to you

  • you’re interested in finding out the answer to that question, once it is answered

  • you want to monitor the responses or votes on a question


You do not need to bookmark questions that you’ve asked or answered, as they are already listed in your Profile, but you may do so if you wish.


This guide will show you how to:

  • bookmark a question

  • view your bookmarked questions

  • remove a bookmark from a question


How to bookmark a question:


To bookmark (save) a question to your Ask an Expert Profile, click the ribbon tab in the top right corner for that question. When it turns solid blue, that means you’ve bookmarked it to your profile.


Before bookmarking: ribbon is white



After bookmarking: ribbon is blue



Viewing your bookmarked questions:

To view your bookmarked questions, go to your profile page by clicking the Your Profile button on the right sidebar of many Ask an Expert pages.


Your list of bookmarked questions appears on the right side of your profile page. To view a question, click on it’s title. If you have bookmarked a lot of questions, you will need to click on View More at the bottom of the short list to view your full list of bookmarked questions, as only the five most recently bookmarked questions will be displayed on your profile page.



To remove a bookmark from a question:


  • In your Ask an Expert Profile page, click the question title you want to remove the bookmark on. This will open the question’s page.


  • Click the blue bookmark icon so that it turns white. The question is no longer bookmarked.



After clicking:



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