Can I request a new template from Bookmark?


If you’ve got a great idea for a new template, we definitely want to hear it! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve Bookmark, and our members are the best people to help us.


But first, if you don’t see a template that fits exactly what you’re looking for, remember that Bookmark  templates are fully customizable - from the background images, the pages and navigation menu, to the layout and content on the pages themselves.


Here’s just one example:

You could take the Organic template, which is in the restaurant theme, and use it for any other type of retail store, just by changing the background images and page names.


Here’s how to give Bookmark Feedback:

To share your idea or request, go to the Ask an Expert section: on Bookmark Feedback

and then click the Give Feedback button on the right side of the page.

Fill out the feedback form, and then click the Post your Feedback button.

And thank you so much for your feedback - it provides an extremely valuable service, and we really appreciate it!



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