Can I add to what’s in the template?


Of course!

Think of the template as a flexible foundation upon which your house will be built.  You can fill your house with furniture and art, paint the walls, and even add new rooms, or move rooms around with ease. 

Note: you can’t add pages to a one-page template. Make sure you choose a multi-page template if you’re ever going to want to expand your website to more than one page.

Here is a quick run-down of the various ways you can add to your template. All of these are tabs in the lefthand sidebar of Bookmark’s website builder:


The Pages tab is where you can add pages, delete pages, rename pages, duplicate pages, change the order of pages in your menu, and add sub-pages. Sound complicated? It honestly isn’t! Everything is done by drag-and drop, or click-and-edit.

You might find this guide helpful: Adding, Moving, Duplicating and Deleting Pages


Focus is a set of 20 beautifully designed and fully functional web page sections we’ve custom-made to match the theme of each Bookmark template. For example, a Checklist, an Event Registration form, or a Call to Action. Read the Focus Overview for more detail.


In the Focus tab, click the Add New Focus button to preview the Focus for your template. Click just once on a Focus thumbnail to add it to your webpage. It really is that simple!

Arranging Focus on your web page

Modules are content elements that you can drag and drop from the Modules Tab right into the spot where you want them on your web page. Our guide Modules Overview walks you through this process in detail.

My Drive is the storage area for your images and other files that you want to add to your website. The first step is to upload your files into a folder in My Drive. Then you can add this content to your website using Modules or Focus. See our guide Uploading and organizing images in My Drive for more information.


Not sure how to get to the builder? To open your website in the builder, go to the Your Website tab, then click the Edit button beside your website. If you haven’t started a website yet, click the Create New Website button.



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