Arranging Focus on your web page


Once you’ve added Focus sections to your page, it’s as easy and drag-and-drop to rearrange their order on the page.

Important: Focus sections are rearranged by moving their titles inside the Focus tab, not by trying to move them in the editor window of the page itself.

When adding Focus sections from the ADD NEW FOCUS window, you may have noticed that new Focus sections are added in sequence one below the other. Here’s how to rearrange that order.


In an earlier guide: Adding Focus to your Bookmark Website, we walked through the steps to add some Focus sections to the Teams page in an example website using the Elenore Designs template. We ended up with a page whose Focus tab looks like this:

Let’s say that we wanted to move the Quote Focus to the top of the page, above the Team Focus.

When you hover your mouse over any Focus title, you’ll see the background behind it turn a lighter grey. When this happens, you can click and hold the click to select that title. Now you can drag the title out of its position.

The image below was captured while the Quote Focus was being dragged away from its position.


Simply drag the Focus to the desired order in the listing, and then drop it by letting go of the click. In the image below, the Quote Focus has been dragged to a new position at the top of the list and is about to be dropped in.


Looking at the entire builder window, the Quote Focus is now at the top of the page, followed by the Team Focus below it, matching the new order of Focus sections in the left sidebar.




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