Adding Focus to your Bookmark Website


Adding Focus to a page in your Bookmark website can be accomplished in a few quick steps, saving you tons of time compared to having to build these sections from scratch!


Step 1: Open to the target page in the builder

First, make sure that in the website builder, you are looking at the page you want to add Focus to.

For this Guide, we will add Focus to the “Team” page in a sample website using the Elenore Designs template. Below is the template page for Team.


Step 2: Click Focus in the Left Sidebar Menu

The next step is to open the Focus tab, by clicking on it in the left sidebar menu.



Step 3: Click the ADD FOCUS button

The left sidebar is now displaying the Focus information for this page. You will see the list of which Focus elements already exist on the template page, along with a button to Add Focus.

In this example, the Team Focus is already included on the Team page in the Elenore Designs template. It is listed in the left sidebar, and what you see on the page is actually the Team Focus!

To see the list of other Focus sections that you can add to this page, click the ADD FOCUS button:


Step 4: Select the Focus you want to add to your page

When you click the Add Focus button, the Focus options slide out in the ADD NEW FOCUS window, and you can see thumbnail versions of them. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to slide up and down the list. There are 20 different Focus options available (listed in alphabetical order), so only the first few show in the image below.

You can add as many Focus sections to your web page as you wish. Don’t worry yet about how and where exactly the Focus will be arranged on the page - we will do this in a later How-to Guide.


To select and add a Focus to your page, single-click on the Focus thumbnail.

For this example, let’s add three additional Focus sections to this page:

  • Quote

  • Registry

  • Social


Here’s what it looked like after adding the Quote Focus by clicking once on the Quote thumbnail:

This process was then repeated for the Registry Focus and the Social Focus. Each new Focus is added to the bottom of the web page. We can see all four of the Focus sections are now listed in the page tree in the left sidebar.



When you are finished adding Focus, click the Back arrow at the top of the Add New Focus window to close it.


This concludes the guide for Adding Focus to your web page.

The next steps you will likely want to take are arranging the Focus elements in the position you want them to appear on the page, and then customizing the content of the Focus sections themselves. See our other guides listed below for assistance with these steps.


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