Getting to Know the Internet

85 students enrolled
Bruno Skvorc
Professional Web Developer



      How does a Browser work
      What is a Web Site - What is a Web Page - What is a Web App
      What are Cookies and how can they affect me
      Introduction to Searching the Web


      Which browser should I use-
      What are browser bookmarks, What are browser extensions
      Understanding URLs
      Email Basics
      Email clients and providers
      Your online presence
      Instant Messaging
      Social Networks
      Passwords and Form Data, should I let my browser remember th...
      How to Stay Safe Online


      Advanced Searching with Google
      Google, more than a Search Engine
      Online Shopping and Finance
      Online Entertainment- Games
      Online Entertainment- Music and Video
      Web on-the-go
      Forum environments, flame wars and trolling
      Feed readers - Having News Delivered To You
      Where to go from here-